A multi-layered blockchain framework for smart mobility data-markets

Blockchain has the potential to render the transaction of information more secure and transparent. Nowadays, transportation data are shared across multiple entities using heterogeneous mediums, from paper collected data to smartphone. Most of this data are stored in central servers that are susceptible to hacks. In some cases shady actors who may have access to such sources, share the mobility data with unwanted third parties. A multi-layered Blockchain framework for Smart Mobility Data-market (BSMD) is presented for addressing the associated privacy, security, management, and scalability challenges.

Each participant shares their encrypted data to the blockchain network and can transact information with other participants as long as both parties agree to the transaction rules issued by the owner of the data. Data ownership, transparency, auditability and access control are the core principles of the proposed blockchain for smart mobility data-market. For a description of the framework read the paper.


To start using the BSMD you must have at least one Iroha node running. Hyperledger Iroha is a straightforward distributed ledger technology (DLT), inspired by Japanese Kaizen principle — eliminate excessiveness (muri). Iroha has essential functionality for your asset, information and identity management needs, at the same time being an efficient and trustworthy crash fault-tolerant tool for your enterprise needs 1. Click here to build and install an Iroha network